What is a lifestyle concierge?

Lifestyle concierge is a globally recognized term, used to describe a service that helps individuals to organize aspects of their lives that they don’t have the time, inclination or contacts to do themselves.

Why do people join concierge services?

The main advantage of being a member of a lifestyle concierge company is that you can use the services for any aspect of your life. Think about all the tasks you try to fit into a typical week and consider how much easier it would be if someone helped you, or even took them off your hands. Members of ILMC will enjoy this high levels of service, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that anything they need can be taken care of with just one phone call or email.

What’s ILMC concierge service membership like?

ILMC membership is designed to maximize the personal concierge service you receive while minimizing any effort needed on your part. Once activated, your membership runs like clockwork, making your life easier and giving you freedom of time for yourself and your family.

How I do become a member?

To become a member, tell us where you’re located (or where you want the concierge service), what you want us to do for you and how often. We may ask additional questions to better understand your needs and situation. That way, we can recommend a membership level that’s right for you.

What payment method do you accept?


Is there a way I can track my services and its updates?

Absolutely! You can view your profile, all your services, payment to these services, current status of each service etc. by logging in to your secure account. Logging details to your account will be provided at the activation of your membership.

Will I always get the same concierge representative?

It depends on your membership level. If your membership level provides you with a dedicated concierge, you will have the same concierge representative taking care of your requests in order to serve you better.

We assure you, our highly experienced team are trained to take on most challenging requests and offer the same level of professional service to our members.

Do I Need to give you payment in advance for things you are buying for me?

Yes. While signing up for any membership, we do request credit card details to be registered in our secure systems to charge you for the advance payments. However we do not take credit card details through our call centre calls, as the conversation is recorded.

For corporate clients, we do offer them credit facility. For further details, kindly email us at info@ilmcgroup.com

What happens to the receipts of the items you purchase for me?

Scan photos of all receipts are attached to your invoice. Each receipt may be viewed by clicking on its link at the bottom of the invoice. Of course, should you need a particular physical receipt, just let us know ahead of time, and we’ll be happy to send it to you by courier.