Corporate concierge

we design solutions for
companies that aim to enhance
their client relationship & product offering

at ILMC we offer tailored services, defined by you and designed for you.

No request is too large or too small, whether you are working on launching new products, retaining existing customers or organizing an event, our dedicated lifestyle managers work round the clock with more than 3900 suppliers worldwide to achieve your goals and objectives

All our corporate clients have different objectives, budgets and customer profiles, we listen carefully to their requirements and objectives and respond accordingly.

We offer tailored solutions for all budgets, so contact us to find out how your company can benefit from ILMC services.


Offering yourEMPLOYEES the best lifestyle, travel, retail and assistance services that will save time, reduce stress and help motivate them. In return, you’ll benefit from a more engaged workforce, a reduction in stress and better brand support from your employees

We believe that when your employees are happy, they are your best ambassadors. We thrive to achieve their happiness


While serving yourCLIENTS,attention to detail is the fundamental behind everything we do

The difference between winning and losing an important contract or client can often be down to the smallest detail. Our goal is to enhance your offering to your clients, thus making sure every possible effort is made to secure that deal or contract

FOR TODAY’S CORPORATION, time is at premium.


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We understand that employees and clients must be treated as the most important assets of each successful organization